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About the Book Manuscript:

    CHELM-ON-THE-MED© - INCREDIBLE SNIPPETS OF DAILY LIFE IN ISRAELCULLED FROM THE HEBREW PRESS is a book-length anthology of Chelm-like vignettes covering the years 1987-2007.

    Like this website, the stories range in length from 130-250 words and retell in English man-bite-dog stories and back-page news items that appeared in the Hebrew press – primarily Yediot Aharonot, written in a highly-stylized, fast-paced humorous form that uses plays on words, puns and zany use of English idioms. About 30 percent is published material that appeared in the author’s ‘Gleanings’ column and other published copy, 70 percent is unpublished material.

    The MS is approximately 96,000 words, and is divided into ten chapters by topic – each, in essence, a ‘peepshow of the body politic’ in Israel’s familial, in-your-face society where arguing about politics and religion is a national pastime and almost every issue involves at least a pinch of politics or smidgen of religious controversy – from how one queues-up at falafel stands to when daylight saving time should kick in. Chapter names reflect this fact:

   ○ Hair-Raising (Unbelievable Stories);

   ○ Making-Headway (Economics and Science);

   ○ Saving Face (Politics and the Establishment);

   ○ Eye-Openers (Only-in-Israel);

   ○ This Neck of the Woods (Society);

   ○ Up-in-Arms (Security and Defense);

   ○ Treasure Chest (The Jewish People and Aliyah);

   ○ Heart & Soul (Religion);

   ○ Body Count (People);

   ○ Leg-Work (Places).

    The final draft of the manuscript was completed in December 2007 and is ready for review.

     Publishers and literary agents who would like to explore publication/representation, are invited to request the full MS and a detailed Book Proposal that discusses the book’s format, the genre, the market, a detailed marketing strategy and my credentials as a writer, and a full CV which outlines the author’s background in journalism, copywriting and a host of other ‘hats’.